Congo: “From our heart to the heart of Africa”

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo; cities of Goma, Mbuji Mayi and Kinshasa

Intervention area:

Institutional lenders: Commission for International Adoptions

The project intends to promote the right of minors to live and grow up in a family, promote family reintegration, foster and adoption for orphaned and out-of-family minors in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For minors living in an institution, the project intends to promote an integrated and multidimensional care system, which guarantees assistance, care, protection and support in response to the specific and individual needs of each beneficiary.

The project was launched in July 2021 and is being implemented in Goma, Mbuji Mayi and Kinshasa (Ngaliema and Kintambo districts)

The project has 3 expected results:

  • The 184 children welcomed at the Don Bosco Ngangi center in Goma (DDBGN) and the Don Bosco Muetu Center (CDBM) in Mbuji Mayi, and the 101 children welcomed at the SODAS and FED centers in Goma, are guaranteed assistance, psycho-social support and, where possible, family reintegration or alternative family care solutions;
  • The 100 vulnerable minors in the Kinshasa area (Ngaliema and Kintambo districts) are guaranteed the right to study, and educational and pedagogical support;
  • Civil society and institutions are sensitized on the prevention of abandonment and on the minor’s right to live and grow up in a family-type environment.

The project is aimed at 385  orphaned minors, children out-of-family or from contexts of extreme vulnerability of which: 184 children hosted at the Don Bosco Ngangi center in Goma (DDBGN) and the Don Bosco Muetu Center (CDBM) in Mbuji Mayi, and 101 children hosted at the SODAS and FED centers in Goma

Carried out in partnership with other authorized agencies and organizations, Ai.Bi.’s main responsability is the implementation of protective actions at the FED and SODAS centers in Goma, to try to guarantee the children hosted in the facilities the possibility of experiencing a more peaceful childhood.

  • Establish genuine cross-border cooperation through the exchange of experiences on accelerated learning between 10 specialists from 2 institutions working with children and families, summarized in 1 good practice guide;
  • The creation of 2 Accelerated Learning Resource Centers (1 in Romania and 1 in the Republic of Moldova) within 6 months in order to develop 3 non-formal education programs for 120 children within 3 months;
  • The promotion of non-formal accelerated learning activities among 500 children and 200 teachers of 20 Romanian and Moldavian disadvantaged rural schools within 3 months.

The project started in June 2020 and will end in March 2022.