Syria: “Strengthening of resilience through humanitarian assistance and support for agricultural activities in North Western Syria”

Country: Syria, Idlib Province

Intervention area:

Institutional lenders: 8X1000 state-managed funds

The intervention is located in North-Western Syria, in the province of Idlib, in ten rural villages of the Al Rouj Valley (sub-district of Ariha) and in refugee camps and informal settlements in the sub-district of Ma’ar Tamsreen on the border with Turkey.

The general objective is to guarantee the food security of the most vulnerable families in the identified area, providing means for self-sustaining production and food to the population of the valley, and offering food assistance in refugee camps.

Specifically, the project aims to improve the level of food security of the beneficiaries, strengthen the resilience of families affected by the conflict by supporting subsistence agriculture, promoting income-generating activities, and supporting the development of the value chain by promoting the construction of manufacturing infrastructure and support services.

In order to contribute to the achievement of these objectives, the following activities will take place during the project:

  • the distribution of bread to 2000 vulnerable households in refugee camps and informal settlements in the rural areas of Ma’ar Tamesreen;
  • the purchase of 350 tons of wheat from local farmers (with particular attention to households managed by women, with many children, without income and with disabled family members), or from the local market, to support their wheat production and their income , and thus strengthen their resilience;
  • the cleaning, sterilization and packaging of 50 tons of wheat to be distributed to 400 vulnerable farmers (including households managed by women and/or with disabled dependents), so as to support agricultural production and help restore the wheat production chain.

Ai.Bi. will carry out the intervention in collaboration with its long-time local partner Kids Paradise, who has extensive experience in carrying out agricultural and bread distribution projects throughout Northern Syria, and in particular for internally displaced persons in refugee camps and informal settlements.