Ghana: “The Garden of Ngali 2”

Country: Ghana

Institutional sponsors: Commission for Inter-country Adoptions

Duration: 18 months

Amici dei Bambini is participating in the realisation of the new project called “The Garden of Ngali 2”, financed by the Commission for Inter-country Adoptions, in partnership with SOS Bambino I.A. APS (as lead partner), Nadia Onlus, Bambarco, Famiglia Insieme, Lo Scoiattolo and other local organisations. The intervention will last 18 months and will be implemented in some of the poorest countries on the planet: Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana.
The main objective is to prevent the phenomenon of child abandonment through prevention strategies, reinforcement of care and protection systems, study support and medical treatment opportunities.

In Ghana, Ai.Bi. intervenes as a priority in the Child Protection sector, insisting on the need to train operators, sensitise communities on the practices and the need for child care, prevention and protection. In particular, it intends to improve the quality of care and family tracing and reintegration activities for children in institutions. Two out of three children , in fact, living in residential facilities have at least one living biological parent who could take care of them. AiBi’s intervention in Ghana focuses on the children living in the Royal Seed Orphanage, located in the Central Region, the vulnerable families that gravitate around it, and on updating and supporting the local operators of the Department of Social Welfare.