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Emergency in Ukraine, the most serious crisis of our century

The numbers of this tragedy are frightening!

Ukraine Emergency, the most serious crisis of our century. The numbers of this tragedy are terrifying:

  • 27.4 million people require humanitarian assistance
  • 7.2 million are children under 18 years old
  • 3.3 million children are located within war-torn Ukraine (UNICEF data as of Nov. 2022) Children, as always, are the most affected by war with traumas that will accompany them forever: their lives have been turned upside down in a few months by bombings, the loss of their loved ones, the abandonment of their homes, and constant fear.

At Ai.Bi., we immediately mobilized ourselves alongside children and families, expanding our intervention from week to week.

Ensuring their protection, assistance, and restoring a bit of the lost normality to children and young people is our main objective.

We need YOUR help to continue doing so!

What we are doing:

In Ukraine

Close to children and their families Ai.Bi. has been operating in Ukraine since 1999, and its interventions are currently located in the following areas:

Obolon (Kiev) and Stepashky, a village 300 km from Kiev: the creation of two “Ai.Bi Points”, which are peaceful, safe, and colorful places where children and young people can participate in recreational activities and find some peace. A team made up of animators and psychologists follows them to help them overcome the trauma of war and provide assistance to mothers; Volodarka, 120 km from Kiev: home support for about 70 children and young people who were guests of an institute, now closed, through the Distance Adoption program already active before the outbreak of war Volodarka and Carapishy: regular distribution of basic necessities to displaced and vulnerable families and activation of the Peace Ludobus, a traveling playroom set up in a minibus to bring entertainment to children in various villages. Kiev: a telephone line for psychological support for women, children, and families.

In Moldova

Alongside refugee children fleeing the war Ai.Bi. has been active in Moldova for over 20 years. Here, it is engaged in the following activities for refugees fleeing from Ukraine:

Palanca customs: first reception and distribution of food supplies Moldexpo refugee camp in Chisinau: animation activities and psychological support for children Carpineni refugee center: animation activities for children, food distribution, and psychosocial support for refugee families Various locations in the rural district of Hincesti: distribution of basic necessities and school supplies for refugee families Help line: a telephone line for psychological support to help women, children, and families Various locations: Peace Ludobus, a traveling playroom set up in a minibus with animators visiting 20 villages and 3 playrooms in Cupcui, Carpineni, and Edinet to bring back smiles to refugee and local children.

In Italy

Reception for refugees Ai.Bi. has been committed to welcoming refugees in our country since the beginning, with the opening of two houses called “Pan di Zucchero per la Pace” in Mulazzano (LO) and Agrate Brianza (MB), where families, mothers with children, and foster families fleeing from war find hospitality.

During their stay, Ai.Bi. not only provides accommodation but also offers healthcare, psychological assistance, and support for integration within the host community.

Ai.Bi. is part of the coordination network for diffuse reception of Civil Protection.

How to help us: