Ukraine emergency – Ai.Bi


On Thursday 24 February, after 20 years, Europe woke up in war.

Children are always the first victims. In Ukraine, more than 100,000 are hosted in 663 orphanages around the country.

Since the beginning of the war, Ai.Bi. Amici dei Bambini is on the front line to protect, support and help the victims of the war: children and families.

What we are doing:

In Ukraine

Ai.Bi. has been operating in Ukraine since 1999, through the Friends of Children Ukraine Foundation, based in Kiev, for children hosted in orphanages.
Since the beginning of the war, it has been organizing, in cooperation with the “Ukrainian Network for the Rights of the Child”, initiatives of assistance on the spot and evacuation to neighbour countries.

In Moldova

Ai.Bi. has been operating in Moldova since 1999 through the local NGO “A.O. Filiala din Moldova a Asociaţiei Amici dei Bambini”.
With the arrival of thousands of refugees in Moldova, Ai.Bi. organizes interventions of prompt reception on the border and operates at the refugee centers “MoldExpo” and “House of Freedom” in Chișinău, by guaranteeing psychological support and other child protection services for refugee children and families and through the provision of food and non-food items (NFIs), addressing people’s immediate needs.

In Romania

Ai.Bi. has been operating in Romania since 1997.
In Tulcea and Valcea and in collaboration with the local NGO Fundatia Inima Pentru Inima, Ai.Bi. supports refugee lonely children and families.

In Italy

In Italy the real challenge is the welcome of refugees.
In Italy Ai.Bi. welcomes out of family children, unaccompanied children and mother-child nucleus, escaped from Ukraine.

How to help us: